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You are reading 'Vacation Pro-A Planning For Fun Series Vol 1.' and you're ready to download the Vacation Pro-Calculators as referenced in the book. 

Here is a quick note about the document you're about to download: 

  • This is an Excel Worksheet file. 
  • If you're on a Mobile Device you'll need an App that can view and edit Excel .xlsx .
  • There are three tabs in the Vacation Pro-Calculators Sheet, you can click each tab by the page number/reference true to the flow of the Vacation Pro book.
  • The formula has already be created by Lynn (the author of Vacation Pro) for you to automatically calculate your Vacation Budget figures. When you download the document, simply replace the figures with your actual numbers and watch the calculations update automatically.
  • Use the button below to download.

    Note: If you are reading the Interactive PDF of Vacation Pro, you can enter your figures in the book as you go along and save your PDF with the changes you've entered. This will help you know where you left off when you pick the book back up again or if you just want to look back for reference as you continue planning your vacation.

    Kindle: All readers should save your Excel Worksheet after you've entered your own figures. Those of you reading using Kindle, save your Excel Worksheet in a folder for easy access and reference as you continue planning your vacation.

More Calculator Options!

Don't know how to use or have access to Excel? No problem! Use the button below to access the Vacation Pro online, calculators. Note the following about using the online calculators: 

  • Interactive PDF Readers: You'll need to have your PDF open, to enter your results from the Vacation Pro calculators. Calculations can be entered on pages 14 and 20.  
  • Kindle Readers: The online calculators does not instantly save your results. If you are reading the Kindle version of Vacation Pro you can easily screenshot and save your Calculator results on any device.