Equipping and Empowering You to Serve in Excellence 

Is it impossible to serve well while life is happening or does your life cause you to be mediocre in your ministry service? This is just one of the many questions we ask and help you to answer here at Lil Boss & Associates. Our answer to the question above is, no matter where life is taking you, in your line-of-service, serve well! We help train and equip you in ministry service, to serve with excellence. 

  • Equipping you for a life of service by providing you with knowledge and resources.
  • You don't have to feel alone in the ministry you serve in. When you train with us, you're joining  a team that wants to see you succeed! 
  • Helping you to understand the good and bad habits while serving and how to pinpoint the best solutions.

Let's Dress Right!


Check Your Attitude

Dressing right while serving in ministry isn't always just about how you look but it's also about the attitude you bring along. Before stepping into your roll for the next outing, event or travels, make sure you check your attitude to ensure you're at your best inside then out!  


Check Your Under Attire

This may sound like a check just for women, but fellas this goes for you also. Make sure you're checking your under attire before putting on your over clothes. Check to ensure everything fits properly and is suitable for service. 


Not Any Kind Of Way

While the focus of service isn't your outward appearance we want to make sure we're not stepping out any kind of way. Check with your Leader(s) regarding dress code and be sure to meet those requirements. When you step into the room, you look and present excellence! 

LaKita Corey


LaKita L. Corey is Lil Boss! She is the CEO of Lil Boss & Associates, LLC. Her firm is designed to train
those serving in ministry as armor bearers or assistants to serve in excellence. Armed with over 12 years
of valuable, hands on experience, she conducts trainings, workshops and one on one trainings for those
who desire to serve well in their assignment. LaKita also served eight years in the United States Navy
which is displayed in her attention to detail in her business.

LaKita is also a Prophet being trained and equipped under the leadership of Apostle LaTrice Williams at
Divine Grace Ministries Int’l. She also serves as her Armor Bearer. Lakita is known for her effective,
demonstrative life application teachings.

Lakita serves as the Executive Assistant for LaTrice Williams Ministries, Living With More Enterprises and Divine Grace Ministries Int’l.

LaKita enjoys empowering the lives of men and women who desire to serve God and His Kingdom in
excellence. To know Lakita is to know that she is honored to serve as the Lord sees fit in any area.

Connect with her on Facebook at Lil Boss & Associates.

Train For Excellence With Us!

Serving During Travels

Join us as we equip you on serving during travels. Understand how to book your flights, hotels, restaurants and more. Learn more about planning ahead and how to handle the challenges of a tight schedule. 

Dress In Excellence

During training we discuss proper attire as serving professionals. Come into class (whether virtual or in-person) with your pen and pad ready to take some great notes. We'll discuss the best items to pack when you're traveling and you need to travel light.  

Fitness and Wellness

No way are we leaving you out of the equation. Before serving others you must make sure you are taking care of YOURSELF! In training we cover getting the proper rest and great self-care practices before events/outings and more. 

Peace In Service

Through this training we'll cover understanding and having peace with your role as a Serving Leader. Sometimes we play the background, maybe a lot more often than others realize. Get training and great tips on how to make sure you keep the purpose of your role in sight while crossing the path of others. 

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